The Art of Coffee

Some drink coffee to wake up, some drink it to relax, some drink it as dessert and some drink coffee just to pass time. However, for many baristas out there, coffee is a form of art, a way of expressing their creativity. Click on the links below to view gifs of coffee foam art from Perk Coffee and Espresso in Eugene, Oregon. Enjoy!

1. Coffee Art #1

2. Coffee Art #2

For more amazing pictures of coffee foam art, check out Perk Coffee and Espresso’s Facebook page.


Another Attempt at a Flexitarian Film

The farm feature that got snowed out. 

By: Christina Renninger

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 3.41.05 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 3.38.40 PM

Good news is, I was able to film my farm. Bad news is, Eugene got hit with a snow storm in the wake of my editing that ultimately closed campus down (including the equipment check out room).

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 5.53.57 PM

On Friday November 22nd, I shot my interview with Christine Deck, the owner of Deck Family Farm and filmed all of my b roll. I made sure to get a large variety of video shots, including different angles and also a lot of diverse nat sound audio. After spending just over 3 hours on the farm in Junction City, I was feeling pretty confident with my footage and audio. When I scheduled the interview, I jumped on the earliest date they could do it, which was the following day. I knew I wasn’t turning in my video until week 10, but I wanted to have it locked in, and film when the weather was clear. Very cold, but clear and as we all saw in my first attempt at video: “My Flexitarian Film Failure” I haven’t had the best luck with weather.

I saved my editing for week 9 and 10. And what I found out was that even with using a wind sock, my audio was a little damaged with gusts of wind. When I filmed, it happened to be a very windy day. I have used the DR-05s plenty of times, however, this was my first time using a mic with a wind sock. What I found was that it doesn’t seem to block out all of the wind. And also, a lot of my nat audio was overwhelmed with wind. So, I salvaged what I could and decided to do a voice over. However, the day I had set aside for the voice over recording was Friday, December 6th, when the snow hit and campus closed. I was also planning on renting a camera to get some more b roll. I envisioned getting some shots of Deck’s products in stores. So, with the unfortunate and unlucky events of the snow storm, I put together what I could.

Also, I would like to note that for some reason my audio can, for the most part, only be heard in the left speaker. I think this has something to do with the microphone placement when I did the interview. It was really close to her face and sometimes rubbed against it. Or maybe it was the settings on the Tascam. I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of that issue.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 6.41.48 PM

I stitched together what I had and could use in Final Cut Pro and exported it. Click here to watch my second attempt at a flexitarian film. As you can see, without a voice over, a narrative arc that fills in the holes and leads from a beginning to end is kind of lost. Below I will attach links to watch and listen to raw footage that I didn’t use.


Raw Footage

Looks like this week I also got to experiment with Sound Cloud. I stitched together multiple sound bites from my interview, exported them in Final Cut and uploaded the mp3 file onto sound cloud. Click here to listen.

I also stitched together some raw footage of my b roll on the farm. Click here to watch it on YouTube.




With the present technological revolution we continue to experience every day, iPhone and smart phone applications can turn anyone into a techy…and I mean anyone! It’s easy to navigate, fun to use, and fast for people on the go. “iDog” is the latest app available in the iTunes app store for those interested in Guide Dogs and Puppies in training.

The app includes links to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogs, Tips, Contacts, Photos, and more. This is the best app for those interested in becoming puppy raisers or who want to see how the process works, and what the puppies look like in action. Download the app on your phone from this link to see what it’s all about!



Frozen Final Project

The 14 degrees of warmth outside are actually welcomed by us Eugenians today. I’m just glad to be out of the negative numbers. You would think the weather outside has nothing to do with my final project, but it has everything to do with it! It has stopped me from being able to carry out my plan of adopting a cat and making a step by step video of the process. So now, with my car frozen outside, the Humane Societies and pet stores either being closed or having strange hours, I will just have to describe my project through the wonderful written word.

Here we go.

I’m a college student who loves animals. Through surrounding myself with animal shelters all term I have finally decided to adopt a pet. Here are the steps any person should go through before adopting an animal.

1. Ask yourself, can you really care for an animal at this point in your life?

Any pet is a lifetime commitment (the pet’s life, hopefully you outlive your pet). You have to deeply think about how your daily activities and future plans will change if you adopt an animal. If you decide you can work your schedule around your pet, giving your pet top priority, and financially handle paying for the pet’s needs, you may move to the next step.

2. What kind of pet fits your lifestyle?

If you live in the third story of an apartment building like I do, a dog is probably not the right choice. Smaller animals are more fit for apartments, such as rabbits or cats. You must thing about the things the pet will need. A rabbit will need a cage, litter box, water bottle, food dish, hay, toys, salt licks, and love whereas a cat will need a litter box, food and water, and toys. Another thing to consider is what sort of smells these animals will make. You can potty train them all you want, but when they do their duty, it’s going to smell. My roommate and I decided a cat was the best choice for our lifestyle, which brings me to Step 3.

3. Make sure everyone you are living with agrees to/wants the same animal.

Surprising your roommate with a pet is a bad idea. Shelters don’t even allow you to do it because they need to make sure everyone was involved in the decision. A pet is not a toy, it is a life for which you are responsible.

4.Visit the animal shelter. Multiple times.

Picking the right animal is not a quick decision. You can find the cutest animal in the shelter and then take it home to realize it’s an asshole and wants nothing to do with you. You must visit the shelter numerous times and spend time with you potential new pet to see if your personalities get along.Image

5. Fill out the adoption questionnaire.

Greenhill Humane Society and the Shelter on 1st will give you a 5 page application to fill out which enables them to decide if you are eligible to adopt a pet. They ask for direct permission from your landlord, which leads me to my next step.

6. If you are renting from Bell Realty, lie,

Lie your ass off. No animals allowed on the premises? I don’t like that rule. And Bell is a horrible reality who rips you off any change they can get anyway. Tell the shelter a little white lie, like you live with your grandma in a house by Valley River Center, and you get your animal. It’s really what’s best for everyone.

7. Go shopping!

If you get approved for an animal, you best get prepared to house that animal. Now is the time to get food, litter, toys, etc. The helpful shelter employees and volunteers will recommend types of litter and food and even tell you what toys your new family member enjoys.

8. Once you have everything ready in your home, adopt your friend.

It’s the moment you have been waiting 8 steps for, time to finally pick up and take home your new little buddy. You’ve done a great thing for yourself, your new pet, and the shelter. Now there is room for the shelter to take in another animal and find him or her a new home just like yours!

9. Love, feed, care, repeat.

It’s pretty self explanatory; care for your pet like you would a child. Make time in your schedule to play with your pet, always make sure the liter box is clean, he or she has plenty of water, and that s/he is eating properly. Take your pet to routine vet check-ups and never neglect him/her.

10. Live happily ever after and encourage others to adopt from humane societies!

There are more animals than you think out there that need loving homes!


Ballet For Beginners

Interested in starting up ballet? From my term following the ballet culture, I have learned that there is no such thing as being too young or too old for this beautiful art form. Continue reading


All Sports Have Equipment, And Mixed Martial Arts Is No Exception…

The world of MMA has changed greatly since it’s inception as a sport in the U.S. in the early 90s. Though it has something in common with boxing, wrestling and more traditional martial arts systems, it has developed a equipment all it’s own.

IMG_0082 In the beginning of the Ultimate Fighting Championships, there were no gloves (that look much like the gloves above, but leather). It was all bare-knuckle fighting. Though this added to it’s allure and back-alley feel, many competitors broke their hands in their first fight, and were unable to continue the fights that night. Initially, fighting continued for the victorious combatant until he was champion or until he lost or could not continue due to injury. To make the sport more palatable to prospective buyers to the then financially underwater UFC, gloves were designed for the task for grappling as well as protecting the fighter’s hands. At only 6 oz, the gloves just protect the knuckles from being injured during a strike, and not much else. They do not cushion the blow. They also have nothing covering the palm, to aid in the tactile sense during grappling.

The shortsIMG_0093 are actually a bit more nuanced than people think. The Bad Boy brand has been around for quite some time, and they were among some of the first apparel brands to begin marketing to MMA athletes. Including antiseptic coating to prevent smell setting into the fabric after many sweaty workouts, a cut that leaves space for kicking and reinforced seams and closures, the fight shorts of today are a different animal compared to the standard board short that many fighters train in.

IMG_0076 The good old handwrap! They keep your knuckles together and help support your wrist during punches. There’s not much more to say than that.

Add in a mouthguardIMG_0079 and a cup, and you’ve got yourself a nearly full kit for mixed martial arts! Many practitioners like to use a spandex shirt or pants for practicing Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, but many other just prefer fight or board shorts and a t-shirt. It really comes down to comfort and money.



Eat well, live well.



So I made a scroll kit. And it’s pretty awesome. I feel like it could have a few more pictures, but I just wanted to mostly get my opinion across, rather than grossing people out with pictures of tortured little animals. I really hope to add more to this in the future because it was fun to make and I really liked the setup and design of the site. Here it is! Have a good break! (: