Hi I’m McKenna

Hey friends my name is McKenna Genyn but no need to use my last name, I’m usually the only McKenna in the room. I am currently a sophomore who has no idea what she actually wants to pursue but knows her passions. My main passion is people, I actually applied to be a Family and Human Services major here at the UO, but to my regret was recently denied admission to the program. This is my first class on my journey to earning a Multimedia Minor so I am super excited to learn the ropes as I am the new kid on the block in the Journalism and Multimedia realm. I am intrigued by graphic design and photography along with music and the use of social media on our generation. You can follow me personally on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr

As for my personal life, I am deeply involved in a nonprofit organization named Young Life we are an outreach ministry that goes into the lives of middle and high school students as well as college students. I am so blessed to be able to serve in this kind of ministry. I was brought to Jesus through this ministry and I donate almost all of my free time to this work. I encourage you all to ask me questions about it as I love to share and talk about how much I love Young Life. I’ll be posting about U of O’s college group on Twitter, Facebook, and our own WordPress page. Follow Young Life College UO on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and WordPress

I live by the fact that the best things that have ever happened in my life are the things that I never planned for, so here’s to the continuation of living that dream. Cheers!


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