Devon Elise Frazer

imageHello everyone! I’m a sophomore advertising student who has just added a minor in multimedia. I love words–especially when they’re put together well–but design has captured my attention and I’m currently honing my skills in that department. I have experience in the Adobe Creative Suite–especially Photoshop–and in Final Cut Pro. (Thanks, Gateway.) I also dabble in digital photography and knitting long rectangles when my team travels for away games. I am a student-athlete, and thus I apologize in advance for any crankiness resulting from my lack of sleep. A trip to Dutch Bros usually resolves this, but occasionally I can’t get my fix and you may find me asleep standing up. In all seriousness, lacrosse is my passion, and any lack of sleep is definitely still worth it for me. I’m also mildly obsessed with weddings, and I hope to one day integrate my advertising skills with the bridal industry. You can witness my bridal gown obsession here, on my Pinterest page. You can also check out my portfolio page and blog, or follow me on Twitter. Here’s to a great term!


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