Eugene Wedding Culture


I’m that creepy girl who buys wedding magazines in airports even though I’m not even close to becoming engaged. Weddings have always been a passion of mine. Mostly the gowns, but the other aspects inspire me as well. Though each individual wedding has its own feel, different cities and areas’ weddings tend to have things in common. This has to do with budget, location, and simply the type of people that tend to live in each area. I’ve been researching the wedding industry in the local Eugene area, and besides finding the seemingly obvious–budget issues, eco-friendly–I still have work to do in regards to profiling the actual brides of Lane County. I’m currently focusing on the vendors–gowns, floral, venues, photographers–in order to get a feel of the industry and to later get in touch with specific brides in the area. I’m contacting a variety of vendors in order to get all aspects of the Eugene wedding scene. I hope to tag along with them as they go about their businesses and watch how they interact with different brides. During the term, I’d like to start broadly and slowly distill down to one specific bride, doing a complete profile on her wedding and how it represents the Eugene wedding culture in general. I just need to find a willing bride!

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