Saturday Market

What time is it? It’s 4:20! was the first thing I head someone say on the first day of the Saturday Market in Eugene. While I was there, I met many artist- many local-, musicians and food artists. Local musicians play in the rain looking solely to entertain and show off their talents! The Eugene Saturday Market’s website can be found here. A full list of vendors and their craft can be viewed

I remember coming her as a kid with my parents purely for the site seeing! never a dull moment at the Saturday Market. Folk art, and Music are just some of the rthings here. 43 years and still going strong!  

One home grown Oregonian, Shaunna Trumbly , sits in her tent and sells copies of her art work -interview to follow. More stories and an in dept interviews from the Oregon Art Beat with Trumbly can be seen here in my stories from Storify!

For the cudigraw interview, I plan on interviewing Kim Stills- conformation still to be accepted. Kim is the director of the Saturday Market. and can be followed here from her Twitter account.

For up to date stories on the Saturday Market Follow my twitter for weekly updates and photos at  #Jordanbrown888

Week 1 4/6 Storify

Week 2 4/13 Storify

This is one of the artist that i will be interviewing .Kids playing their heart out on wooded instruments. here is a nother fantastic pictire of these kids making music Kids playing their heart out on wooded instruments.


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