Wine in Oregon

By Branden FitzPatrick

When I picked the topic of wine for my term theme, I thought, “Hey this is going to be easy! Wine tasting every weekend? Sick.” I felt the best way to start delving into my topic was to visit a tasting room. Tough work. That’s how I ended up at Sundance Wine Cellars Saturday afternoon. Quickly into my first conversation with the manager Randy, I realized just how little I knew about wine.

Image While Randy poured different samples of Pinot Noirs, we talked the basics of wine in Oregon. How it’s made? How much of wine making is science an how much is creativity? How does weather affect the certain year’s wine? How does wine get its coloring? 

Randy schooled me. I wasn’t on my toes about keeping notes or recording audio, but I did find a valuable source for future assignments. For more information on my trip to Sundance, check out my Storify

After a long Saturday of wine tasting and googling, I couldn’t be more excited for my topic. I will focus primarily on the wines of Oregon, however I also plan to explore the science of wine and the creativity that makes each bottle tastes so different. 

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