Who on earth doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee? For all you coffee lovers out there we are going to explore all the hot spots together this term. I don’t know all that much about coffee but I do enjoy studying in new and interesting environments while sipping on something warm. With that said, let’s get inspired and meet some awesome people!


I want to know what there is to love about coffee shops. Personally, I love that every coffee shop is completely different from the smells to the decor. I want to know what makes each place unique. Eugene is the best place to start this endeavor because

it isn’t too large that every street corner is filled with cafes but small enough to be able to enjoy all the places that do. I want to explore different cafes and find some similarities or differences between them. I wonder if coffee shops use similar beans or if some provide organic options for their customers.

I am excited to explore Eugene and really appreciate my cup of coffee. My favorite place to study on the weekends is Allan Bros right by the windows. I love it because there is so much light and the atmosphere always puts me in a better mood when I leave. Please follow me @josey510

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