What’s Brewing in Eugene?

Local Breweries craft award-winning beers right in our backyard

By: Laura Witherspoon

During my fall term abroad my friends and I took a weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland. One of the highlights from that trip was touring the Guinness Factory and trying several different craft beers made at local breweries. Before Ireland I had never really thought of myself as a beer aficionado but after my trip I wanted to learn as much as a I could about craft beer. I’m intrigued by the craft beer community that surrounds Eugene that also stretches all over Oregon and this is why I have decided to report on local breweries such as Falling Sky, Ninkasi, and Hop Valley. I hope to discover the stories behind the beer and immerse myself in the craft beer culture and taste some of the best beer out there.

While researching my topic I found a few upcoming events that celebrate the craft beer community and brewers. The Sasquatch Brewfest on May 4th kicks off Eugene’s third annual Beer Week. Sasquatch Brewfest is a single-day festival organized by the Northwest Legends Foundation in memory of Glen Hay Falconer. Falconer is celebrated as one of the most popular and gifted craft brewers in the Pacific Northwest. Eugene Beer Week will last from May 4-11th at a variety of locations all over Eugene. Events will include beer tastings, brewers dinners, and much more. I plan on attending several breweries and upcoming events to profile what these events are like. I will be using instagram @Lauraspoon, twitter @lauraspoon24, and vine to showcase my visits and interviews with brewers and craft brew enthusiasts.

Check out this article from the Register-Guard on Eugene’s eclectic and popular craft beer community.


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