I thought my best friend loved coffee, but some people really LOVE their coffee. Dear Coffee, I Love younoma_b_-9-470x626 is a blog designed for coffee lovers around the world to read articles and reviews that focus on the intersection of coffee, culture, creativity and design. These people take their coffee seriously. “DCILY believes in promoting and supporting the highest quality coffees, the most innovative design, and the creativity that coffee continually inspires in people—while encouraging fans to never lose appreciation for the farmers and their families.” I especially like their mantra that states, “Love coffee, live well, give back & inspire others.” This is something we can all take with us in our daily lives. Their website provides current insight to a variety of coffee shops. I encourage you to visit this DCILY as I was surprised at how much art was behind a cup of coffee.

Another site I stumbled upon is Barismo, where I probably learned more about coffee than I would ever would have. Take it from me, if you want to learn about cloth filters, pre-infusion, and pouring techniques please visit here. Educational.  


Brewedboy’s Blog is hilarious. This man blogs about his interactions working at a portable coffee stand. Perfection.

Goodness, I really am getting a kick out of these blogs. Confessions Of A Coffee Junkie is quite self explanatory. I especially like this for its quirkiness. If you need a quick fix this is perfect for you.

DirtyCup blog reminded me of why I want to explore coffee shops because of a very simple thing; there is a story behind a cup of coffee . The story that caught my attention was Safehouse Coffee. Safehouse had a terrible accident where the store burnt down due to an old electrical wire. The significance is that it was never just a coffee shop. It was a community center where local groups and clubs met. The incredible story of community members as they teamed up to rebuild Safehouse Coffee. The reconstruction brought together a group that formed a family, love, and support.


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