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Luckily for me, there is a plethora of fashion blogs to be found on the web. One I Particularly like is Style Bubble. This blog is about fashion designers, trends, style, etc and is kept by Susanna Lau. What really draws me to the blog is that she focuses on the context of the design and fashion as an experience rather than simply throwing some images up on the internet. For example, this week Susanna is visiting Australia and writes about Australian designer, Camilla Frank.

Her piece focuses on Camilla’s caftans as a wardrobe staple in this culture which values vibrancy (and protection from the sun). She also writes about her experience meeting the women who wear Camilla’s caftans as well as Camilla herself. I appreciate this angle she takes when writing blog posts because it’s easy to simply talk about the clothes, but it is much more involved to get to know the designer as a person. I like that she writes about fashion, not simply as a visual experience, but as a personal experience that involves relationships, art, comfort, fun. Aside from the content, the site is also very visually pleasing with large, colorful pictures following the writing. For each article she also includes recommended articles that are represented by little thumbnails with titles. The background is colorful, but not overwhelming. Links to her Instagram, Archives and Calender are arranged neatly at the top of the page and each article has a clever title. Well done, Susanna Lau. Well done.

Another blog I enjoy is bumblesea. Right off the bat, I like the simple design of this blog. It has a layout similar to Pinterest where each story is represented by a picture resembling a Polaroid. What I like about this blog is the variety. The topics for stories on this blog range from jewelry design to fashion photography to indie fashion designers. The anonymous blogger manages to pull the variety off without appearing scatter-brained. There is a cohesion to the aesthetics of designers she chooses to write about and the pictures look like they belong in the same collection. I also enjoy that she profiles designers from sites such as who probably get little recognition elsewhere. Not to mention the fact that she gives site viewers a heads-up about current steals and deals on Etsy. Overall, I love the obscurity of this blog and will come here when I want to know about designers that no one else has heard of.

Finally, a blog I’ve been loyal to for at least the past couple years: Man Repeller, a blog kept by Leandra Medine. The Man Repeller is similar to my blog in that she covers fashion designers, but she writes about a lot of other things too and has a very specific angle which is covering fashion that isn’t traditionally “pretty.” (Hence the name Man Repeller). Articles on Leandra’s blog range from stories about up and coming designers in New York to musings on feminism, love, dating, honesty, what-have-you. Her voice is honest, full of humor, and inspiring when I want to wear something I know a lot of people will hate. The blog itself is very well-organized with big links at the top of the page which direct visiters to Leandra’s Instagram (manstagrams), a slew of categories such as “Cheap Thrills” and an explanation of the site. Her color scheme is very simple, using only black and white with an elegant font spelling out clever titles. Links to her Facebook pageTwitterTumblrBloglovin, and  Pinterest are represented as neat thumbnails on the right of the screen and the whole site together has a cohesion and elegance that is impressive given the amount of content provided.

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I'm a 24 year old working as a Marketing Coordinator at a small jewelry business. I'm curious about subjects ranging from Biological Anthropology to Printmaking to Photography. I'm dedicated to always be learning new things and I'm always enthused to find a new subject to delve into. Having graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in English and a degree in Multimedia, my specialty is communication both written and visual. I'm seeking a job where I can utilize these skills and acquire some new ones. I love working on a creative team and I love design in all of its forms. See my resume for more info!

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