Around The Web: What Are People Saying About Thrift Shops?

Hidden amongst the pant-suits, the elastic-band jeans, and the woolen Christmas sweaters is the fashion-forward thinker’s dream outfit at the local thrift shops. Fashionistas often find Goodwill and other local thrift stores the perfect place for cheap chic. And what better outlet to share the enthusiasm for shopping on a dime than the Internet?

Blogging is available for any writer. So vintage shoppers and thrifty fashionistas have taken to the web to keep people in the know about cheap deals. The following list details a handful of blogs that focus on the art of thrifting, and a few opinions on thrift shop culture.

High Plains Thrifter

Click Here to visit High Plains Thrifter

High Plains Thrifter

This blog, based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, provides its readers with fun finds, how-tos, store reviews and thrift shopping essentials. More than one blog has discussed the midwest as thrift-shop heaven, and the minimalistic design and fun, well-written posts make it accessible even for those of us who cannot head out to the midwest.


Click Here to visit ReFashionista


Focusing more on redesigning old thrift store finds, ReFashionista goes through step-by-step tutorials on up and coming fashion trends and how to turn recycled clothes into fun new fashions. Jillian Owens, the woman in charge, has a unique way of looking at old clothes, and her tutorials are filled with pictures and clear directions. It’s a fun blog for the naturally crafty.

Things I Found At The Thrift Store

Click Here to visit Things I Found At The Thrift Store

Things I Found At The Thrift Store

Another blog from Minneapolis, Things I Found At The Thrift Store is a multimedia study of not only how to successfully find fun things, but how the art of thrift shopping can affect interests in other fields. The anonymous blogger makes provides interesting posts about his favorite finds and his love for typography, while also offering consultation and making videos with other thrifters.

Thrift & Shout

Click Here to visit Thrift & Shout

Thrift & Shout

Lindsey Turner’s blog features more fashion finds rather than creating new designs, detailing the prices and brands of all the things she finds. What sets her apart from the other blogs I’ve looked at is her eye for modern finds instead of exclusively vintage materials.

Pinterest: Kate Holmes’ Consignment /Resale Shop Decor

Click Here to visit Kate Holmes' Pinterest Board

Kate Holmes’ Pinterest Board

Kate Holmes’ board on Pinterest dedicated to consignment shops provides tutorials on designs and features shops. The popularity of Pinterest really helps make this type of fashion blogging easily accessible and links out to various shops for people to explore further on their own.

Opinion Piece: Today’s Thrift Shops Are Forgetting Their Purpose
Finally, I included this post by Alicia Bodine on the changing atmosphere of Thrift Shop culture. As I continue to research this topic, I will be looking carefully at the issue of the purpose of thrift stores and how it’s changed from being a place for people who can’t afford expensive clothes to a place for people attuned with fashion trends.


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