Inside Falling Sky Brewing

Last Wednesday, April 17th, the weather in Eugene was stunning. It was the kind of day Oregonians and me, an out-of-state student from California, yearn for. With bright blue skies, a crisp breeze, and the sun shinning I thought, “This is perfect beer tasting weather.”  I grabbed my roommate and visited Falling Sky Brewing. Located on 13th & Oak St., this microbrewery creates craft beer weekly and also serves up locally sourced food. I spent the afternoon chatting with one of the owners, Rob Cohen, and learned a lot about Falling Sky’s background. I put together an audio slideshow from my visit; you can view my slideshow by clicking the link below. I know I’ve been M.I.A from tweeting about #localbrew but stay tuned for upcoming multimedia pieces from other breweries in Eugene, Or. 

You can view my audio slideshow on Falling Sky Brewing here.

Inside Falling Sky Brewing Transcription:

This is Laura Witherspoon for Suzi Steffen’s J333 Writing for Multimedia -This term I will be visiting local breweries in the Willamette Valley and bringing their stories to you.  [PAUSE] First up is Falling Sky Brewery. [PAUSE] In an unsuspecting alley, tucked away on 13th avenue and oak street resides Falling Sky Brewery, formerly called Valley Vintner & Brewer. [PAUSE] On a clear sunny Wednesday in Eugene I spent my lunch hour sipping local brew and eating locally sourced food at Falling Sky. [PAUSE] Over a refreshing flight of four 4-oz beers, a grass-fed beef hot-dog, and french fries with their savory beer cheese sauce, I chatted with Rob Cohen, one of the owners of Falling Sky, about what makes Falling Sky unique.[PAUSE]

Falling Sky’s name comes from one of their home brewers who created a Juniper rye beer called Falling Sky. [PAUSE] The name, reminiscent of Oregon and its prominent rainfall, stuck with Rob and his business partners. [PAUSE] Rob believes that in order to make a great craft beer, its all about what you have to work with, specifically the ingredients and equipment. [PAUSE] When a Japanese brewery named Nikko went out of business, Rob’s business partner Jason brokered a deal to buy the equipment.[PAUSE] Their equipment allows brewers to create 2-3 batches of beer weekly. To give you some perspective, 1 batch is about 25 kegs. [PAUSE] Falling Sky has 15 beers on tap that they change almost daily. [PAUSE] What separates Falling Sky from other popular breweries is that the food is just as carefully crafted as the beer.[PAUSE] Falling Sky pays attention to what flavors are in season and utilizes them to create honest and rustic food. [PAUSE] If you like craft beer this is definitely a brewery you should stop by and if beer isn’t for you I highly recommend visiting Falling Sky for their flavorful and unique food.


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