The Reality of A Cappella

The Reality Of A Cappella

By: Nick Pothetes

I’ve been exploring the world and culture of a cappella music and what it means to individuals and organizations alike. This past week I followed The University of Oregon’s a cappella group Divisi as they practiced and performed at their weekly EMU Fishbowl show on campus. For those that don’t know, Divisi is the female group that was featured in the book Pitch Perfect, which later became a movie. The question I wanted to explore was: How do these women, and their a cappella practices, differ from their pop-culture fictional roles? Please follow my story on Twitter @nickpothetes #acappella and #j333.


Soundbite of Divisi doing vocal warm-ups

“I’m Nick Pothetes reporting for and this is The Reality of A Cappella.”

Soundbite of Campus

“It was shortly after 3pm on Friday afternoon, of April 19th. U of O’s campus was warm with sunshine and excitement for the weekend, but for some it wasn’t quite the weekend yet.”

Soundbite of Divisi talking

“University of Oregon’s women’s a cappella choir Divisi gathered on top of Cascade Hall to prepare for their weekly friday afternoon performance.”

“Unlike the popular a cappella show Glee, and the movie Pitch Perfect, these singers need to warm up before their afternoon debut.”

Soundbite of vocal warm-up

“After running through their set…”

Soundbite of singing

“Divisi, in a unifying moment, put their hands together and head off for their show. The weekly a cappella show takes place in the EMU Fishbowl in the heart of campus. The spectators looked on as different performers, of all shapes and sizes, took to the stage to perform renditions of their favorite songs.”

Soundbite of clapping

“Before taking the stage Divisi followed co-ed a cappella group Mind The Gap,”

Soundbite of Mind The Gap singing

“and U of O’s all male group On The Rocks.”

Soundbite of On The Rocks singing

“Finally, as Divisi took the stage in the large amphitheater, the crowed looked on with anticipation of their routine.”

Soundbite of clapping and talking

Soundbite of Divisi singing

“As Divisi performed a beautiful melancholy arrangement of Electric Blue by The Cranberries, and a powerfully fun rendition of Queen of The Night by Whitney Houston…”

Soundbite of Divisi singing Queen of The Night

Soundbite of clapping

“…the gathering of like-minded aca-people was over for the week.”

Soundbite of clapping

“Once again this is Nick Pothetes reporting for and this is story on The Reality of A Cappella. Please follow my story on Twitter @nickpothetes. That’s @N-i-c-k-p-o-t-h-e-t-e-s.”


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