Wandering Goat Coffee Company

By: Josette Lee

I have been exploring local coffee shops in Eugene. My first stop was Wandering Goat! I was delighted to learn so much about the local coffee company and how much they have to offer. Do you want coffee that is brewed every 20 minutes and home made pastries? Maybe a beer or wine is more your liking right now. Please join me and my trip to Wandering Goat Coffee Co here.


Hello my name is Josette Lee and I am reporting on local coffee shops in Eugene for Writing for multi-media. Today, I visited the Wandering Goat Coffee Company located at 268 Madison Ave opened everyday until around 10pm-12am. It was my first time being there surprisingly. I started with this coffee shop because I’ve read so many good reviews about it.

I was somewhat worried when I got there because its location isn’t quite where you would imagine a coffee shop to be since it was by the train tracks. I arrived upon a humble coated coffee shop. When I entered I was surprised to find that it didn’t have the typical smell of coffee. It smelled like herbs and cinnamon. I soon found that they make their own local and organic pastries, soups and breads daily. No wonder it smelled so good!

It was smaller than I imagined. But nonetheless the people working there really brought the authenticity of the local shop. Meet Jimmy and Dustin. Jimmy is one of the “newbies,” he calls himself, because he is only 6 months young to the Wandering Goat. Dustin explains that most of the employees have been working there for more than 3 years, him included. “We are one big family here,” Dustin says to me with a great big smile. It definitely feels like a family since they so many loyal customers. One employee even made this goat head where the fur was crocheted using hemp fibers! The final product is a completely vegan goat.

Wandering goat coffee company is a small specialty coffee roaster that is locally owned and operated in Eugene. They dedicate sourcing only the highest quality of coffees and roasting them to accentuate their unique differences, which they brew every 20 minutes. They feature live music on the weekends and a great selection of local and organic beers in bottle and on draught. They even have free shots of espresso’s on Friday in celebration of Art Walk, a venue that features local artists! Every month they feature one local artist at no cost! Their art can be found all around the café. Super cool!

Double thumbs up to this café! I was delighted to try their homemade chai! The employees were so genuine and taught me a lot about the wandering goat. I would definitely recommend this café to all local supporters!

Stay tuned to learn more about your local coffee shops!


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