The Process of Making White Wine

Have you ever wondered how wine is made, specifically white wine? White wine is made slightly differently, slightly simpler than red wine. This audio slide show will take you behind the scenes on how Noble Estates Vineyard, located just out of Eugene, makes its white wine.


I think we can all agree that wine is an amazing alcoholic beverage. When you visit a beautiful winery you probably rarely ever think of how the wine you are drinking is made. Red wines and white wines are actually made two different ways. I was curious to see how white wines are made.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Jurasevich, owner and manager of Noble Estate Vineyard, and he pulled back the curtains and showed me how he makes white wine. According to Jurasevich, Oregon makes some of the best white wines in the country. To give me a first hand look, he invited me to his warehouse to see the process with my own two eyes.

Holy cow is it confusing! When I showed up to the warehouse where Noble Estate creates their wine, I could have gotten it confused with a scientific laboratory. Making wine starts with the grapes on the vine. It’s important that the grapes are ripe. If they’re not perfect, the wine will suffer. After the grapes are picked and brought to the factory, they are inserted into the bladder press, where the grapes are gently squeezed and the juice is extracted.The extracted juice falls into a bin below the press, where it is then pumped into a large tank. Once the juice is in the tank, yeast is added. The yeast is what converts the wine sugars into alcohol. After the juices are settled, they are filtered. This process removes any undesirable elements in the wine. Following the filtering process, the wine is ready to be bottled.

Now comes the fun part. Preparing the bottle. Before you do any decorating, you gotta put the cork on the bottle. The shiny foil that decorates the top of a wine bottle is put on by a machine. Once the foil’s on, it’s time to finish the bottle by putting on the customary label. Making wine is a long, long process. But you can’t argue that it’s not worth. If you haven’t checked out a local winery lately, I highly suggest it. It really is a great time.


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