Audio Slideshow/Editing Process

The one thing I love most about being a journalist is the opportunity to learn something that you never even considered as something that was interesting to you. And the best part is, that when you are learning about these new areas, its not just research and academic articles that fuel the stories that you write; the most interesting and moving parts of the story come from the first hand experiences and “research” that we throw ourselves into. Your own curiosity kind of dictates how good your story will be, so the researching can be as fun as you make it.

This term I ran with that mentality, so when it came time to create an audio slideshow, getting my photos and audio seemed to be for fun rather than extra work for an assignment. Who else gets to play with horses for a school assignment?

Although it was exciting to get to see the riders interacting with the horses and see what goes on behind the scenes and preparation of horse shows, I did have some troubles along the way. I’m not a big multimedia person, so editing and working the camera equipment turned out to be a challenge in itself. I guess that’s where the “school” part came in for me.

That morning, at the barn, was a pretty typical outing for a journalism student: technical difficulties, scribbling notes, tweeting, and getting lost, but, of course, at least I had my mug of coffee with me.

In retrospect, as usual, I wish I could have gotten more photos and audio to edit with, but the slideshow gave a pretty good sense of what goes on at Triple Rise with the horses, riders and lessons. Ill have a chance to learn from last time when I go back next weekend to make a video of the barn getting ready for their horse show, which is the following weekend.

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About HeidiReeley

Hello everyone! I am a Senior at the University of Oregon majoring in Magazine Journalism and also working on a minor in French. I have never really been the person who had all of the answers, so it has taken me awhile to get to this place. Thankfully, I my love for reading every magazine I could and an interest in the visual appeal of magazines naturally led me to find my major. Also, I have been studying French since I was 14, and I recently studied abroad in Poitiers, France, so its about time to have something to show for it. At the UO, I work as a supervisor for the Annual Giving Program where we keep relations with donors and alumni of the university and raise money for academic funds. I'm also a designer for Ethos magazine, which will provide me with invaluable experience in the field of journalism that I hope to be a part of in the near future. Stay tuned for my next post on twitter: @heidireeley

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