Audio Slideshows: The Fun and the Frustrating

Oh this slideshow…

My first impression of this project got me excited. I was excited to be able to get some experience in going out to a field and gathering photos and sound. I have always loved photography so I wasn’t too nervous about getting the right shot. This was my first time using a microphone to capture natural sound but I found it very capable. I had a blast at the track meet and consider it one of the most fun places to research and gather information.

Coming back to edit this project was where I found most of my frustration. I could not get SoundSlides to work to save my life. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t upload photos and had to ask around about how to convert photos to “non progressive”. I even tweeted out to SoundSlides asking for help, which they never got back to me. See here. A little unprofessional on their end. After giving up on SoundSlides I just decided to try to teach myself FinalCut which I am glad I did because I feel I’ll be using that more than any other program.

I am happy with my final project considering it is my first of this kind of project and the product of my lack of knowledge using a new program. I am excited to get to know this program better so my future work can exceed this work.


Beautiful day at Hayward Field



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