My audio slideshow experience

I ran into a couple road bumps making the audio slideshow. I had first intended to profile local designer Amanda prussak who had agreed to let me take photos of her studio space. I figured this would be the perfect visual element to my piece since I’m focusing on the work practices of local designers participating in Fashion Week. The topic itself is kind of tough for an audio slideshow since there isn’t necessarily a public location to visit but I figured a studio was an interesting space. But alas, Amanda had to cancel. I scrambled a bit to find a new angle and was thrilled when Jessica Stallings of La Femme Noir agreed to meet with me between appointments for coffee.

I recorded our entire conversation using a tablet which actually has pretty good sound quality. I marked the times of interesting quotes so that I could go back and find them easily. One of the hardest things was to find a balance between profiling Jessica as an individual designer and being informative about my topic as a whole. I tried to remedy this by asking questions not only about her specific practice, but about how her specific practice changes as Fashion Week approaches. I also tried to get a sense of her experience of Fashion Week as an event. I felt it would be interesting to hear about the event from the perspective of a designer since attendees of Fashion Week usually only see the designs in an impersonal way and designers have the completely different experience of seeing their own work on display. Jessica gave me some great information on what its like to be a designer at Fashion Week but I wanted more information about the inner workings of the event, I.e. what it’s like backstage, what goes into preparing models, what kinds of issues designers have to overcome backstage, etc. I also had a hard time gathering specific information about her day to day work life and kept receiving vague information about how she schedules herself, her work space and the like. Since this is my first journalism class, it was a little uncomfortable for me to prod for information. I did my best, though, to ask more specific questions and I think I ended up with some interesting information to build my story from.

Another difficulty I had to overcome was how I was going to take photos when all we were doing was meeting for coffee. I took a couple photos as Jessica showed me pictures of her designs because I felt it gave the audience a sense of her as a person and her design aesthetic which is present in the shots. Since a lot of the story ended up being about her influences as a designer, I felt I needed pictures of her designs to show how those influences manifested in her work. She told me I could take some photos from her Facebook to include. I did just that and then I met with her later in the day at a shoot Eugene weekly was doing for a pre-Fashion Week story. I wanted to include her in these shots because I wanted them to demonstrate one of the tasks a designer stays busy with before the day of the actual fashion show. The guys from Eugene Weekly didn’t seem too happy that they set up the shot and I came in to steal a couple photos so I didn’t stay long. Editing was pretty easy for me since I had picked out the quotes I wanted to use during the interview and had plenty of information to write my story.

I had some small technical difficulties using Final Cut Pro and trying to get captions on my pictures, but other than that the process wasn’t too painful. Hopefully editing my video project will go just as smoothly!

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I'm a 24 year old working as a Marketing Coordinator at a small jewelry business. I'm curious about subjects ranging from Biological Anthropology to Printmaking to Photography. I'm dedicated to always be learning new things and I'm always enthused to find a new subject to delve into. Having graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in English and a degree in Multimedia, my specialty is communication both written and visual. I'm seeking a job where I can utilize these skills and acquire some new ones. I love working on a creative team and I love design in all of its forms. See my resume for more info!

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