Eugene Marathon video process

Today was the big day! The Eugene Marathon began today at 7 a.m. and continued on into the afternoon.

photo (1)

To start my filming I went to the race expo on Saturday and filmed packet pick-up and the various vendors. I left with some good stuff and ended up registering for the Women’s half marathon in August.

Today I arrived at the start line bright and early to meet with the couple I was interviewing. This was Michael Thompson and Amira Fahoum’s first full marathon so I asked a few questions about how they were feeling and more about their training then let them warm up.

At 7 a.m. the runners were off and I stayed on Agate street until the last corral left. Then I got coffee. I headed up to 19th avenue and waited for the first runners to hit the 8 mile mark. I filmed on 19th for around 45 minutes then attempted to head down by the river.

Here is where I was met with trouble. The trails were cleared strictly for the runners so I didn’t have any good location to shoot from. I gave up on the river and headed back to the finish to meet a friend who was running the half.

I filmed for a little in recovery area then made my way to Hayward to watch the finishers. Michael and Amira told me they expected to take about 5 hours and by this time it was approaching 12 p.m. so I stayed at the finish until I saw Amira’s hot pink “I thought you said RUM” headband. I got a great video of them finishing out strong, which I sent to Michael immediately once they crossed the finish line.

Finally, I met them in the recovery area and finished up my filming while they iced legs and drank down chocolate milk.

Overall the filming went very well. I had a few issues with not having great angles and positions but I think I made it work. However, I realized that I don’t have the filmmakers eye. I made sure to get wide shots, close-ups, and medium shots but I think I may have some lags in transitions.

I ended up using my iPhone for a lot of the filming because the tripod I had was acting up and my video recorder kept tilting. I don’t think the videos turned out horribly and I am excited to edit them into a single-flowing piece.

Today was a very long but fulfilling day and I was very much inspired to get back into racing as soon as I can!


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