Final Cut Pro X vs. Soundslides: Creating An Audio Slideshow

The ups and downs of using different software to create an audio slideshow. 

By: Laura Witherspoon

About two weeks ago I dusted off my Final Cut Pro skills, that I learned during the Gateway to Media series at the SOJC, to create an audio slideshow about Falling Sky Brewing. I haven’t created an audio slideshow since Gateway so needless to say I was a little rusty. 

Getting the photos and audio wasn’t the hard part. I scheduled my interview with ease and arrived early enough to sample the beer and food. It was also a beautiful afternoon so I was able to get photos of their patio as well. 

When I sat down with my interview source he was a bit soft spoken and at times it was difficult to hear. I knew it would be hard to use the audio from the interview so I used the quotes and information for my captions and voice-over script. 

Sitting down to edit the audio was trickier than I remember. I haven’t had a chance to use Final Cut Pro X so it took me a few hours to make my audio file. I also confess I wasn’t quite sure how to save my project file for the audio in case I wanted to come back and re-edit something. I tried going back to edit some parts but realized I would have to start over in order to fix any part of the audio. 

After creating my audio track, I wanted to take a break from Final Cut Pro X and use Soundslides to put everything together. I’ve never used Soundslides before but I thought it would be easier than Final Cut so I wanted to give it a try. For the most part it was easy and straight forward until I got to the exporting phase of the project. 

I decided to google “how to export a Soundslides project” and found information on Soundslides’ support page. First I had to “export & zip” my project. Then, take that file and upload it to a converter, after the file was converted I was emailed a link to my slideshow. It was smooth sailing until I uploaded my slideshow to Youtube and realized my captions were missing. 

I scoured forums and support sites to try and find a way to convert my project, include my captions, and be able to embed my slideshow into a WordPress post. I found a solution to keeping my captions in my slideshow but had trouble finding a way to embed it into WordPress. I was able to upload my slideshow to a Soundslides hosting site which kept my captions but the embedding code kept getting deleted in my WordPress post. After a couple hours of trial and error, the best solution I could find was to hyperlink my audio slideshow in my WordPress post. Although I wasn’t able to embed it, I was able to keep the captions which are vital to my piece. 

Through this process I learned Soundslides might not be the best solution when trying to avoid Final Cut. I think Soundslides has a lot of potential but should work out its exporting bugs so that it is easier to convert and embed while keeping all facets of a slideshow. 


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