Audio Slideshow Experience

By Nick Pothetes

My experience with the audio slideshow was a positive one. I’ve been working with audio slideshows for a while and they’re never difficult, but you do run into kinks along the way that are always a bit troublesome. For me the hardest thing about the audio slideshow is planning for the entire piece before you can put it together. It would be like trying to make a collage by taking magazine clippings, but you can’t put it together until you’ve gone through and gotten all of your clippings. It works out, but there may be something you wish you have that you missed. The problem with the audio slideshow is that you can’t just go cut more pieces of paper for your collage. Your story happened and you have what you have.

For me I felt that my biggest issue was that I had too much natural sound. Typically this would be a good thing, but because I had to capture so many soundbites, because my story topic covered a cappella singing, I felt that my projects timeline (the palette that I arranged my story on) was choppy. This is a critique that i’ve had thrown at me in the past in previous journalism courses and I really need to keep a eye out for that problem.

Finally, I was really pleased with Final Cut Pro X. This is the program I used to create my audio slideshow. I think many people opted for the program Soundslides because they had infamous memories of terrible render times, and resolution issues in the original Final Cut Pro. This is no longer the case. Final Cut Pro X is much more user friendly, has 0 render times, and looks a lot more like iMovie. It’s easy to use and I’d recommend it to anyone!



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