Josey’s Audio Slideshow Experience

I originally used iMovie to create my audio slideshow, which was extremely difficult to use. It was at my convenience at the time and I decided to give it a wing! I found that the font types were not consistent throughout each slide although I was using the same title pages each time. Strange. I was not able to extract audio from film as easily as I would have liked. For the final piece I started over using Final Cut Pro X, which was a lifesaver. It was so quick and direct. I enjoy putting together audio slideshows mainly because I love taking photos. I think it’s awesome that a photo can tell you so much about someone or something.

I found it really helpful to take as many photos as possible and to record even the littlest things because you never know when you will need it. I didn’t plan my script out before I went to the Wandering Goat Coffee Company. Instead, I went there with only a pen/paper and my camera. I sat there and observed the place. I spoke with the employees and customers to get a better sense of the cafe. I was really surprised to find out so many things about the coffee shop. I was inspired being there. I also went at a great time because it was not crowded, which gave me time to speak with the employees.

After I gathered all the data I then put the script together. For some reason this really worked for me. After learning so much about the Wandering Goat I plan to film there as well. I think I can get something more intimate and personal if I focus on this one cafe.


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