My Audio Slideshow Experience: A Tale of Madness and Terror

Let’s talk about slideshows, specifically audio slideshows, specifically audio slideshows made for J333, specifically the audio slideshow I made for J333, “How to Be At a Party When You Don’t Know How.” I subtitled this post, “A Tale of Madness and Terror,” which is an example of hyperbole, a writing trope commonly employed by the ten-year-olds who work at BuzzFeed. It is hyperbole, yes, but only just. Like all of my experiences with multimedia, creating this audio slideshow was a nightmare.

A particular sort of nightmare, though, since it stirred within me strong feelings of nostalgia, the preferred mood of my generation. Working in an Allen Hall lab (which feels like being inside an iPhone), tinkering with and cursing at SoundSlides–it all reminded me of working in an Allen Hall lab, tinkering with and cursing at SoundSlides, back in my sophomore year, before the building’s reboot.

After I completed my SoundSlides audio slideshow quickly enough (perhaps too quickly), I clicked “Export,” and waited for it to convert into a video. But all I got was a “publish_to_web” folder, a tangle of folders and sub-folders and files. I was confused, so like most confused people, I did the same thing over again: I clicked “Export” and I got the tumorous mass of files and folders again. This is the SoundSlides people’s playful little interpretation of being helpful, apparently.

Long story short, I finally figured out how to convert my slideshow into a video, after three hours of procrastination and a half hour of Googling. I didn’t have any natural sound (aka party noises, in my case) so I had to fix that on the second go around. I used iMovie instead.


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