Making Of: Audio Slideshow

For the audio slideshow, I had a general idea of what I could discuss with those of you who, like me, followed thrift shopping without really understanding exactly WHAT qualifies a place like Goodwill or Value Village as a thrift shop. I focused in on the specific examples of Eugene’s Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange for two reasons: (1) as a college student without an easily accessible car, getting to places like Value Village can be quite the journey, and (2) it’s best to illustrate exactly what you’re talking about without confusing the audience too much.

I’m going to preface this post with a statement about myself as a journalist: I am not a photographer. I always see the most beautifully colored photos by everyday people and wish that I could do that myself. Alas, due to the confusing scheduling system the journalism school runs on, I couldn’t check out a nice camera and was stuck with just my phone. I took seedy photos at the two thrift stores I focused on, and I had to get past the uncomfortable feeling of taking pictures around people without looking like a creep. Luckily, I found a few great opportunities for photos and felt good about my choices for the slideshow.

I do a podcast as a personal side project through GarageBand for Mac, so when it came to recording my script, I knew exactly how to run the program and edit the sound to my liking. Instead of using Final Cut Pro, which I’m used to using for various projects in the past, I decided to take a risk and try out iMovie which, to my surprise, worked out really well! I managed to pull together my project in just under three hours, the shortest amount of time I’ve ever edited a multimedia piece.

I love Vimeo, minus the 40 minute wait for videos to upload, but in the end I felt pretty pleased with my project. In the future, I’d like to somehow figure out the j-school’s web checkout and get a better camera. But for now, I feel that I helped not only myself but my audience understand a little more about the idea of a thrift store.


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