Video In The Making

My God! if something could go wrong on this project, it did! 

So far I have shot video for my video project that will be up and ready for Wednesday. A lot of the footage I shot was B footage just to fill the gaps and things in the final video. Didn’t realize that when I was recording I was actually turning the camera off and when I was turning the camera off i was actually recording. Needless to say I got a lot of good footage from my pockets point of view. But not to worry, I got a few really good stills that I can use. 

My video is consisting mostly of an interview with Kim Still, the head of the advertising department and public relations for the Eugene Saturday Market. During the interview, my camera stopped without me knowing it till a few minutes later. I lost some good footage but thankfully Kim was happy to go over the questions again- which made the interview last a little longer. (Thank you Kim for putting up with the technical difficulties.)

Wednesday the short video will be done and ready to show you hoe the Eugene Saturday Market works from the insiders point of view.  




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