Making the Video

I had a great experience making my audio slide show. I loved the subject, the access, and tech wise, I was as prepared as you can be. For the video project, I originally wanted to interview Mark Jurasevich. Jurasevich was interesting, intelligent, and I felt a video on his process of jump-starting Noble Estate Vineyard would have been quite the story.

But Jurasevich never got back to me, so I had to scramble. I was set on the idea of interviewing a winemaker who ran a family operated winery. Jurasevich may not have been able to help out, but there are plenty of wine makers in the area who fit the bill. Enter Chris Sarver, co-owner of Sarver Winery.

My biggest regret about this project was not using better equipment. It didn’t affect the message of my video, but nicer quality would have improved the final product.

The largest hurdle I overcame was during the main interview with Sarver. When I stopped by the Sarver Winery, Sarver was out working in the field. He asked if we could do the interview right where we were, which was out in the middle of one of his giant vineyards. I obliged, yet in my mind I was freaking out if the wind would mess up my audio. I placed an extra mic (equipped with a wind sock) by Sarver’s feet because I knew the audio on my low-budget camera would be destroyed by the wind.

The final audio was much better than I expected (you can hear a slight buzz in the background), considering I was expecting it to be almost unusable. Once I got the audio matched with the video, it was smooth sailings from there.


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