Eugene Marathon video editing

It is something I have heard over and over again in my journalism classes; that you should always be over prepared when it comes to video and multimedia. During the filming always have extra batteries, make sure your mic works, and make sure everything is charged. Have more nat. sounds than you think you need and more B-roll than you think you need.
Normally I am very good at this and I always have hours of film and audio to go through. This time wasn’t much different except I didn’t record as much audio as I normal do, which wouldn’t be a huge deal in a short video but it was when I got into Final Cut Pro that things went downward.
I can’t say exactly what happened, because I myself am not entirely sure, but somehow my audio and video wouldn’t sync correctly and I ended up having to alter the direction of my video. The idea was still the same, “First Time Marathoners” but the was I put everything together changed.
It isn’t that I’m not happy with the video, I think it is alright but it isn’t the video I wanted to produce. I feel like I didn’t do the marathon and Michael and Amira justice because the storyline I was aiming for fell through. When I have an idea of what I want a video or multimedia piece to look like and it doesn’t turn out how I see it I always feel a little disappointed. The process this time was not the best I’ve experience but overall I am warming up to the video I produced.


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