The Making of my Video

The making of my video was a fun, sometimes frustrating process. My original plan was to not only shoot Fashion Week, but also go “behind the scenes” and tour one of the designers’ studio space. The second part of that plan fell through and my video was to be only Fashion Week. Although frustrating at first, this ended up being a helpful change of plans because a studio tour as well as footage of Fashion Week would have given me way too much footage for a focused three-five minute video. So I pull up to the Shedd Institute the day of the Ready to Wear show, and realize I’ve forgotten my tripod at home. Since I wanted to get plenty of interviews in before the show started and wanted to get set up in a good spot to film, I decide to proceed without it. I tried to keep my camera as steady as possible, but it was really challenging since the models were coming down the runway quickly and there was a lot of camera movement. I was able to capture some engaging footage of the runway show, but I knew I needed some commentary on the show. I tend to veer towards the shy end of the outgoing spectrum, so I was pretty nervous going up to random crowd members and designers to get their take on the show. I powered through the shyness though, and think I got some great quotes for the video. All in all, I had a great time filming and I’m glad I pushed myself a little out of my comfort zone. Editing wasn’t too bad, it was just a little difficult dealing with the sound since each designer had a different song playing during their show, which made for an awkward and choppy soundtrack. I ended up making my own little tune in Soundtrack Pro which hopefully isn’t too repetitive and annoying. It was also tough to be selective since so many designers showed and I didn’t have too much play room in the video. I tried to include a few looks from many of the designers so that the video was a sampling of everyone who showed. This was my first time working with the new version of Final Cut Pro. While at first I was a little lost, I got the hang of it quickly and now I adore it. No rendering time and easy captioning were much appreciated. I took some more video a few nights ago of student designer, Sierah Edwards’ studio space and am planning to incorporate that into my final project. 

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About chelseacallas

I'm a 24 year old working as a Marketing Coordinator at a small jewelry business. I'm curious about subjects ranging from Biological Anthropology to Printmaking to Photography. I'm dedicated to always be learning new things and I'm always enthused to find a new subject to delve into. Having graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in English and a degree in Multimedia, my specialty is communication both written and visual. I'm seeking a job where I can utilize these skills and acquire some new ones. I love working on a creative team and I love design in all of its forms. See my resume for more info!

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