When College Parties Fail

This video, about how and why college parties fail, came about as a happy accident, although I suppose the subject of the video, Stefan (disclosure: we attended the same high school and are acquainted in that kind of “friend of a friend” way), wouldn’t quite characterize it as happy. Originally, I was planning on doing a video about bar-hopping–the migratory patterns of partying college students–but that proved difficult. Along the way, I learned that Stefan was having a birthday party, but no one except his roommates were there, and this was dismaying to him. So I showed up; fortunately he took the idea in stride and allowed me to talk to him about college parties, giving me some great material, I think. Then I ran into some technical difficulties, hence the tardiness of getting this video up to you guys. Next time I’m going to give myself more time and try to have more concrete ideas in mind, rather than just let the night and parties lead me.


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