Behind the Scenes of “How to Build a Kegerator”

Here’s a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly during the production of “How to Build a Kegerator”

By: Laura Witherspoon

Making an audio slideshow while difficult at times was much easier than tackling a 2-3 minute video. I haven’t always been fond of video production, I don’t always get the edgiest or best shooting angles and editing video is even more of a challenge but I set out to try and tackle these fears.

I originally planned to film at Oakshire Brewery on a gorgeous Friday afternoon when there was a live band playing however, due to Oakshire’s Public House opening their staff was stretched thin and there was no one that I could get an interview from. I scratched that plan and decided to do some more research to find a subject of my video.

The next idea I had was to film a tour of Ninkasi Brewery. The 20-30 minute tour was really interesting and luckily I went on a day when their bottling line was running so I got to see the full production of Ninkasi’s beer from start to finish. I did hit a few obstacles along the way when filming the tour. My guide went a bit fast and it was hard to set up the tri-pod, film, and keep moving while staying out of the brewers’ way. It was really loud and hard to hear my guide so I couldn’t record all the logistics and facts of the process. Lastly, when I got home and reviewed the footage I had shot, it was shaky, fast, and made me dizzy so I knew I had to scratch that idea as well.

I was running low on time and freaking out because I didn’t have a topic or plan of action. To make things even more exciting, at the beginning of Spring term I had bought a plane ticket and made arrangements to go home the first weekend in May. Coincidently, the first weekend in May was also the weekend before our video was due. Luckily the Monday I flew back to Eugene, Suzi decided to give us the day to film, edit, and cancelled class. During a two-hour layover in Portland, I researched what events were going on for Eugene Beer Week and found out that Oakshire Brewery was holding a class on how to build a kegerator. I thought, “This is it!”, I would be able to film this interesting class and edit it in time for my Wednesday deadline.

The kegerator class definitely taught me there’s more science to beer making and preserving than I imagined. The only down-side was that the class wasn’t as formal as I thought it’d be, there were no clear cut steps it was more of a learn-as-you-go kind of approach. Once again, the venue was a bit loud due to equipment running so I couldn’t hear the instructor that well and I had to do a bit of research after filming about the supplies that were used.

Because I was running against the clock and my deadline, I decided to use Imovie on my computer to edit the piece from home. Contrary to what I’ve heard from some of my peers, I think Imovie is a fairly easy and straight-forward editing program. I realize Final Cut has some better features but for my time-crunch I just went with what I knew I could use efficiently. After a night of editing I finished just in time to get it up on the blog before class on Wednesday. It came together decently but I admit it isn’t my best work. I think I did a good job making the best of what I had to work with and I hope I can keep working at video production because I think its a crucial skill for new journalists to grasp.


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