The Production Process: Red Wagon Creamery Video

By Hannah Doyle

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the generosity and amiableness of my source, Red Wagon Creamery, for this video. They were very flexible in letting me walk around and get whatever footage I needed. However, it was difficult getting a lot of interesting shots from the busy prep of getting ready for the opening. In hindsight, it would have been more visually interesting to capture the grand opening of the store. Had I gotten started on the video earlier, I could have at least gotten footage at their cart before it closed for brick-and-mortar preparation, and I would’ve had plenty of time to complete it before deadline.

I was able to get all of my footage in two trips. In the first trip I got the interview and the bulk of the photos. The co-owner let me steal him away from introducing the new facility to his employees for 10 minutes, and during the interview is where I ran into my first problem. 3 minutes into the interview, the video camera stopped recording. With only a couple minutes of usable footage, I knew narration was necessary. I tried to structure the story the best I could with the photos I knew I could get and with the content from my source. I returned to the Red Wagon Creamery storefront a few days later to get more photos to correspond to the audio.IMG_0534

Post-production was much smoother than the audio slideshow, fortunately. I chose to use Final-Cut Pro 7 to edit my footage. After opening up FCP X, I decided to not make the same mistake twice and learn a new program while editing within a tight deadline. Exporting took two tries, which was better than anticipated because I had forgotten the proper export settings when using footage from a Kodak Zi8.

Overall I wish I had checked my camera during the interview to make sure it was still rolling so I could’ve used the maximum amount of content, and I wish I would have gotten footage of the ice cream cart before it had closed.


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