The making

Behind Your Cup of Coffee was really fun to film. The interviewing part was my favorite. I was extremely lucky to interview three baristas from different cafes. I researched the top three cafes that I always wanted to visit and started on my way to find anyone who wanted to talk with me. I was delighted to speak with Sky Stickney at The Barn Light, Lauren Marks at Perugino, and Jacqui Thompson at Brails Espresso, all who gave me to 411 on how to make the perfect cup of cappuccino, which was my original prompt. Throughout my interviews with them I found one main theme. I realized that the story was right in front of me. I was going to report about the passion and love that these baristas have for coffee. Like Sky put it, “It’s more than just pumping coffee out of a coffee maker, because coffee is more than that,” which is an analogy relevant in all aspects of life, to never half-ass anything. I highlighted Sky’s interview because I felt that he was able to express his emotions more clearly.

I spent the day visiting each coffee shop and treated myself to more cappuccinos I have ever had in my life. The time I spent in each coffee shop was split evenly by getting to know the baristas and people watching. I enjoyed getting a feel for each place.

The only trouble I really had was allocating the time to really focus on editing because I was in the crazy city of New York, where I was living with three other girls in a small hotel room. I used Final Cut X that I, thankfully, downloaded before the trip because the internet was incredibly slow. I realized while I was editing that I didn’t record any video of Sky actually speaking to the camera. I need to remember to do that next time. Another difficult task was cutting down the audio. I had about 30 minutes worth of audio from Sky, all worth its place in the film. It took a lot of time to put the audio together before I even started to work with the visuals. Overall, I want to redo this project in the near future and make it a solid one because I love the story. Sky was very insightful and open to tell us his feelings. I really appreciate him as a person and I think everyone should know a little about him.


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