Eugene Saturday Market Video Making

Here is my video from the Eugene Saturday Market.

I blogged a little bit about how the movie was going on Tuesday. There was a lot of frustration on this project but in the end I think it came out fine. It was a little rough around the edges but I think Suzi will like it-  I hope.

For the past few weeks, I was trying to get in touch with Kim Still. She is the head of advertising and finding shows at the Saturday Market. I wanted to do an interview for the video and talk about the behind the scenes of the Market and the history of where it all started.

A few Saturdays ago, I went the the Eugene Saturday Market to get some footage I would later need for the video. When I got back and watched what I had recorded, none of it was useful. I wanted to go for a person in the crowd point of view for part of the video. I held the camera and walked around. You could say I got some really shaky footage of people’s asses- wrong kind of video, I guess.

so that was a waste of a week. I was still trying to get in touch with Kim.

I went back the next week to the Saturday Market to do some more filming. This time when I got home to look at the recordings, nothing that I had shot recorded. Every time I pushed the record button it was actually stopping the recording and every time I stopped the recording I was recording. I got a lot of good footage from my pocket’s point of view. But while I was there I got some good pictures of tents and booths and artist selling their things. A friedn cam along to help me get some good shots as well- Thanks Bryan!

I finally heard back from Kim, and when i say finally I don’t mean she put off emailing me. The current address I had  wasn’t correct and twitter ins’t very user friendly, in my opinion. I used the last resort and Facebooked her. I thought that Facebook would be a little tacky and not very professional but I guess you gotta use what you have. One thing I’ve learned about journalism is that you can’t be afraid to get in people’s space- like emailing through Facebook.

So we set up a time and had the interview. About 10 minutes into the interview I noticed the camera was not recording. So I lost a bunch of footage- but turned out okay because I had more footage than I needed. We had to repeat a few questions as well which ate up some time- and I still feel bad about that- Sorry, Kim.  Lesson learned- make sure you know how to work your camera inside and out!

I used iMovie again for this project to edit it. Ya, I know it’s not as good as Final Cut but I’m comfortable using iMovie. It took about 6 or 7 hours to put together. The hard part was figuring out how to remove the footage while still keeping the audio. Having the voice line up with the audio was also a challenge for me.

So that’s this weeks blog. More pictures, or something Eugene Saturday Market related topics comming up!


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