Spring Game Video Making

The Spring Game proved to be a very fun and exciting venue to shoot video for this project. This was my first experience at a spring Football game so I was unsure of what to expect.This video is my first ever project I’ve done completely on my own. I don’t have much experience in video editing and I’m afraid that comes across in my final product. In hindsight I would’ve like to have had more footage of the actual game and had a stronger plan of the shots I wanted to show. I am happy with the edits I ended up with. I think my interviews with Nathan gave the footage a more personal feeling which is what I’m trying to study in Ducks Sports Culture; the fans. What do the fans think about what’s going on around them? What do the Duck fans love about their favorite sports? My final thoughts on the process led me to make sure that in the future I will be more prepared about what shots I want to take, be more precise on directing interviews, and be pickier about sound bytes as well.


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