Carts in Motion

By Hannah Doyle

Party Downtown and Red Wagon Creamery continue to serve local offerings at their food carts, carving a culinary niche in its own right. However, the Eugene mobile food community isn’t the only town in Oregon to put an unconventional spin to meals on wheels. In Portland, food carts have taken a life of their own that far extends the flimsy hot dog stand. There are food cart walking tours, a Portland Timbers Food Cart Alliance, and food cart neighborhoods peppered throughout the city, totaling more than 500 carts in all.

Below are three beloved carts of the Rose City, and gifs comprised of photos from their Instagram feeds.

Koi Fusion | Portland, OR


Korea and Mexico collide at this cult favorite, offering up Korean bbq burritos, tacos, quesadillas, sandwiches, and bowls. With items like kimchi quesadillas, Bulgogi beef, and Kalbi short ribs, it’s a taste that’s hard to find this side of the hemisphere, which is probably why it boasts three different carts and two stationary locations.



Kargi Gogo | Portland, OR

Georgia—the country, not the state—has brought its flavors to PDX by way of two Peace Corps volunteers. The fare includes dishes like Khachapuri, a quesadilla and grilled cheese love-child consisting of melted cheese wrapped in a flaky, light crust and Badrijani, a walnut and garlic mixture rolled in eggplant strips with pomegranate seeds. If you never make it to the country, at least try the food.

Sideshow Eatery | Portland, OR


Offering up items more familiar to the American palate, Sideshow delivers some good old-fashioned burger and fries. With details like brioche buns and hand-made sauces, it classifies itself just above fast food, and has won the number two spot for best fries in Portland.


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