Local Student Fashion Designer Sews From Home

While most people return home in the evening from work, local fashion designer, Sierah Edwards, returns home to get to work. After a commute home from Oregon State University where she studies Apparel Design, Edwards heads to her room for hours of researching trends, cutting patterns, and bringing her designs to life in her small bedroom which doubles as her workspace. Edwards says that because she doesn’t have a regular schedule, she takes advantage of any time she has at home to create her vintage inspired designs even if it means long nights and awkward increments of time.

Edwards shows off her bedroom which doubles as her design, sewing and research spot

    Edwards’ work space and time may be limited, but that doesn’t stop her from following a specific process wherein she creates pieces that fit a unique aesthetic.

Edwards on her aesthetic

    Sewing isn’t the only work that happens in Edwards’ bedroom. Research is instrumental in directing Edwards’ designs. Not only does she research fashion for her college courses, but Edwards studies the history of fashion and allows the very beginnings of apparel design to influence her work.

Edwards on finding inspiration

    Although Edwards learns about fashion trends in school, her work aims to re-interpret trends as starting points for more unique designs.

Edwards on trends

    Edwards takes a humanistic approach to fashion design, always thinking not only about the clothes, but about the person wearing the clothes. She describes the girl who would wear her designs as playful, willing to take risks and not necessarily a size zero. She believes in making clothes that work on multiple body types and aspires to work in costume design where there are opportunities to base design on individual personalities.

Edwards on costume design

    Edwards recently showed in the lingerie and ready-to-wear show for Eugene Fashion Week. She doesn’t sell her work in stores, but she is currently working on setting up an Etsy account to earn some money on the side while she is still in school. In the near future, Edwards plans on moving her workspace into the Redoux studio space in downtown Eugene. Once she is out of school, however, she hopes to move to Portland or Seattle and work for a small company designing costumes for theater.

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