Bark in the Park Audio Slide Show and Process

If I have learned one thing in this class it has been that I need to work on my creative eye. I really enjoy the process of editing audio, video, and photos but I am not so much a fan of getting all that. I find it hard in the moment to pick good angles and get a variation of shots.

Bark in the Park had a lot going on and I felt a little overwhelmed trying to capture it all. While editing I noticed places where I could use different shots and I know with time I will realize that in the moment but right now I struggle with it.

The event started out a little rainier than planned but during the run the temperature was perfect. It was warm enough to not have to layer up but cool enough for the dogs to be comfortable.

Over 1000 people showed up for the event and around 500 dogs were present. This is the biggest Bark in the Park event Greenhill has ever put on and lasts time I checked they raised over $55,000 to help homeless pets.


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