Wine Map: The First Steps of Something Big

For the next few weeks I will be releasing a new interactive map of the wine trail in the Southern Willamette Valley. It’s going to be sweet because every week the map will get better and will tell you more valuable information on the wine culture in and around Eugene.

I created my base map at ArcGIS online, which is one of the cooler websites a random college class has ever showed me. There are so many different options to tell a story through a map, and ArcGIS is the best platform to execute that.

This week’s map takes data from different social media platforms and plots them on the map wherever they were geotagged. So for example, let’s say Jimmy Lipper was having a great time at King Estate Winery over the weekend. He was having such a great time, he felt compelled to snap a few pictures on his phone of the beautiful scenery. Obviously, he needs to show those pictures off to his friends, so he uploads the pictures to FlickR (sorry, no Instagram capabilities) and geotags his location. In his description of the images, he writes “blah blah blah wine.”

Keyword: wine

“Wine” is then picked up by my new hefty map, which plots a point in the location where Mr. Lipper sent out his FlickR image.

The keyword of “wine” is searched for on three different platforms: Twitter, FlickR and YouTube.

So take a look at this week’s map and enjoy. Zoom in, zoom out, or pretend like you’re a little car driving from winery to winery. No one is telling you can’t! You may learn the locations of a few new wineries you’ve never heard of. Also, you are not limited to the keyword of “wine.” Feel free to change the keyword search in the upper right hand corner if you want to search for something else.

Note: ArcGIS doesn’t work so well on Google Chrome. I advise using Firefox.



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