A Day at Ninkasi Through .Gifs

By: Laura Witherspoon 

I chose to tour Ninkasi Brewery in Eugene’s Whiteaker district as the subject for my video project for J333. The tour taught me about the process of brewing and specifically how technical it is. After the tour, I went home, reviewed my footage, and to my dismay it was too fast and loud to be made into a video. I scrapped that project but still kept the footage just in case I could recycle it into something new.

That’s exactly what I did with these .gifs. Below are three .gifs that express the main processes of brewing.


Ninkasi Brewing Company is one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the country. In 2011, Ninkasi ranked the 32nd largest craft brewery in the country. The have no plans of slowing down and are currently working on an expansion that will increase their production. This first picture of this .gif displays the front entrance to the brewery. Following is a picture of Anders, one of the brewers, working on the wort process. The wort process is when malt is mashed and mixed with hot water to convert the starch in malt into sugars. The next pictures shown are of the hop pellets which hold in the hop oils and other essential components in pellet form.


The second .gif consists of images of the fermenting tanks. This is the part of the brewing process where alcohol is made and you can finally call it beer! The yeast is converting the sugars from the wort into alcohol and CO2. This is also the part of the brewing process where you can no longer allow oxygen in the tank because it will spoil the beer. The container with overflowing foam is removing extra gasses and other impurities from the hops.


This last .gif shows the bottling assembly process. I was lucky to be given a tour when the entire brewing process was conducted from brewing to bottling. Bottles start by getting pushed through and rinsed off in order to kill any left over bacterial from the bottle. Next, the fillers fill 250 12 oz. bottles a minute. After the bottles are shuffled through single file to receive their labels. Before they are dropped into cases, there is a worker checking to make sure every label is on right.


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