Video Making at Sweet Cheeks Winery. Rated G.

Mallory Bowman, wedding and events coordinator at Sweet Cheeks Winery

Mallory Bowman, wedding and events coordinator at Sweet Cheeks Winery

The making of this video was quite an experience. I went to Sweet Cheeks Winery outside of Eugene–a popular venue for Eugene brides–and I learned many lessons in regards to planning ahead and set up.

First of all, I had to film all in one day because I was leaving the next day for an away match for lacrosse. Luckily, my subject was available for an interview the day before I left, but I wouldn’t be able to go back before the video was due.

I interviewed Mallory Bowman, the wedding coordinator for the winery. She was extremely helpful, passionate about what she does, and talkative–the perfect recipe for a great interview. However, there were many aspects of filming the interview that I wish I had thought of beforehand.

Since the majority of my shots would be outside, I chose to interview her inside the winery house–a wooden, rustic room. I asked her to turn the indoor music off, and set her up away from the door to avoid any noise from the dogs outside. The room was fairly well-lit, but when I examined the video afterwards, I realized that the window behind her was actually letting in more light than the rest, backlighting her far too much. Next time I’ll make sure to avoid placing my subject directly in front of a window, and will check the lighting on the video–not just the framing.

Secondly, the echo in the room was an issue. I had luckily planned ahead and had brought a tascam as a secondary recorder to the iPhone I was using to film. That picked up better sound than the iPhone, and so the echo was less of a problem. Thought it was better, it still was not perfect. I should have moved her to a smaller room where there would be little to no echo. However, if I had not brought that second recorder, the sound would have been absolutely horrible, reinforcing my lesson of planning ahead and reacting to the surroundings available to me.

Thirdly, since I could only shoot one day, I struggled to get a variety of shots. I wish I could have gone to the winery while they were hosting an event, to better show what Bowman actually does as a wedding and events coordinator. Instead, I had to make due with slow pans of the scenery at the winery, integrating still photos of Sweet Cheeks weddings to show the placement of ceremonies, etc.

I get more comfortable each time I conduct an interview, and with that comes being comfortable enough to ask the subject to move, or to stop doing something that will affect the sound. I still need work being comfortable enough to consider my surroundings, and, though it may sound like an inconvenience to the subject, asking them to move for the good of the video and the audio. That way I’ll have less work to do in post-production. All in all, though, I’m happy with the results of my shoot.


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