Saturday Market Interactive Business Card Website.

For this weeks project, I decided to do a website on the Eugene Saturday Market. I was told about a website that you can make your own site. Its a template and easy to use. I have used HTML in the past and I think I speak for all of us what i say HTML is a challenge. Scrollkit makes building websites easy and less time consuming than using line after line of code. 

Using Scrollkit was a little frustrating at first because none of my pictures that i had taken over the term were small enough to use. So I had to get a few pictures off line. Scrollkit is limited to what you can make. This can be a good thing- because a lot of decisions are limited and therefore many decisions are made for you – and it can be a bad thing- because you ARE limited. 

Since I started reporting on the Eugene Saturday Market, I always picked up business cards from the artists that i talked to and interviewed. All of the artists were great to talk to and very friendly. I decided to do an interactive business card website where someone could click on one of the card at it would take you to the artists website or Facebook page.I liked this idea because it take all the work out of trying to find contact information about the artist and  its easy to contact the artist if need be. Many of the business card had no contact information except for a phone number. There was no Facebook page of website of there own to visit. I bridged that gap finding their websites in Facebook and through Google. I took all the work out of finding electronic contact information about the artist. 

The only time consuming part, besides trying different layouts, was scanning each business card and uploading them on the web. I like to use original photos or scans because the resolution of the picture is much higher, and better looking, that using a picture off line. The more a picture is uploaded on the internet, the more compressed and pixalated the photo becomes. If you notice, the background of the website is extremely pixalated. That is because i took it from off line and did not use and original photo or scan.   

I wish I had more business cards to use.But all and all, I think the website came out great and as easy as it was, I was pleased with the outcome. 

HERE is my Eugene Saturday Market interactive business card website. 



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