Hop Valley Brewery & Tap House Photo Essay

By: Laura Witherspoon

This past Saturday I spent my afternoon at Hop Valley Brewery and Tap House in Springfield. I’ve come to realize many of Eugene’s craft breweries are hidden gems right under our noses. I’ve passed Hop Valley dozens of times on my way to Gateway Mall but never noticed it. I mistook the brick building facade for an office building since it is tucked away off the main road near the Courtyard Inn.

Each brewery I’ve visited over the course of the term had its own unique vibe and style. For example, Falling Sky is a gastropub and brewery whereas Ninkasi is solely a brewery and with a tasting room that brings in local food carts and vendors local to Eugene. Hop Valley gave me more of a family restaurant vibe than a brewery. Hop Valley allows for families and beer snobs alike to come together and enjoy quality craft beer and local eats.


One thought on “Hop Valley Brewery & Tap House Photo Essay

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