The All American Girls

Ducks Softball prove themselves to be the some of the best in the nation in sport and academics.

No. #3 Ducks Softball had a record breaking season this year, so close to earning themselves and invitation to the World Series. The Ducks lost to the Huskers last Sunday with a score 2-4. The girls put out an amazing season that fans took seriously.


Oregon Softball wishes senior players good luck!

Not only did these ladies earn a spot at the top rankings for athletic prowess, UO Softball is now home to four “All America” Players and Six “All Academic” players. It’s the second time ever in school history that a student receive “All American” honor twice but Jessica Moore has done just that. The other girls joining her are Alexa Peterson, Janie Takeda, and Kaylan Howard.


Tweets from Oregon Softball

Secondly the Ducks learned on the 31st that six players earned titles for “All Academic” players of the 2013 season meaning that these ladies displayed exceptional work on the field and in the classroom. A congratulations from Duck fans go out to Alexa Peterson, Janie Takeda, Courtney Ceo, Sarah Goodrum, Karissa Hovinga, and Alyssa Gillispie.

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As the players do better in the Pac-12 Conference, more Duck “fans” seem to come out to support the players, and show team spirit. Do Duck fans seem to support only teams that are pulling top honors in PAC-12 Conferences? The home page of shows avid support for Softball and Baseball season ending games, as well as advertisement for the NCAA championship of Track starting on Wednesday, June 5th. Below that is a simple photo of the Acrobatics and Tumbling team that reads Acrobatics & Tumbling Wins Championship! This team has been number one in their division for the past three years yet, they seem to have a little following of Duck students.

Untitled shows photo of Acro and Tumbling Team at Chamionship

It seems as if Duck fans are motivated by big title winnings in major conferences, but maybe a true Duck fans is someone who supports all teams, in any conference, win or lose. It’s something to ponder…


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