How Local Fashion Designer, Eve Styles, Hand-Stitched Herself a Business

Local fashion designer, Eve Styles, doesn’t take shortcuts. The lead designer of her self-run company, Eve Skywalker, hand stitches nearly every piece she makes. She reigns from Alabama where she got her start sewing for a company called Alabama Chanin, although her first experience sewing was much earlier. Styles started sewing at the age of three with the help of her grandmother who would take her away from her four brothers for hours at a time to teach her to sew.

From there, she started her designing and sewing career which revolves around her philosophy that clothes ought to be hand-sewn, high-quality and affordable. She believes that clothes should last, and that quality pieces made in the U.S. should be more accessible. She also believes there is beauty in pieces that are hand-made.

With her attention to craft and material, it makes sense that Styles is inspired by materials and uses them as a starting point for her designs. She says she is not only inspired by fabric, but she is inspired by individual people.

Styles says she doesn’t have a creative process that she follows every time she goes to make a piece, but rather immediately after she is inspired, she will begin making the piece and will usually have it done very quickly.

Styles doesn’t have a regular schedule, but once she gets her teenage son to school, she usually spends her days cutting patterns and hand stitching pieces, sometimes until early morning. Right now she’s working on pieces for a Trunk show she’s putting on with owner of the Redoux Parlour, Laura Lee Laroux at the end of June.

Although Styles doesn’t have a specific demographic she designs for, she creates pieces she considers to be outside of the normal Eugenenian trends.

That being said, Styles says she doesn’t wish she lived in a more fashion-forward city, acknowledging  the internet as a platform for people to easily find fashion they identify with. Syles doesn’t know exactly where the future will take her, but she plans on expanding her business through the help of her website,

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