Oregon’s Territorial Wine Trail now has an Interactive Blog

My original goal for this final project was to create a unique, user-friendly interactive map which would educate audiences on all things about the Southern Willamette wine trail. I kind of did that last week with my interactive social media map, which shows all the geotagged Tweets and FlickRs in the area concerning the topic of wine. I have another map in the mix (coming soon) that should be much better.  However, I still didn’t think that was enough work.

So I went a step further. I created a WordPress blog called Oregon’s Territorial Wine Trail (OTWT)the first interactive website for the Southern Willamette Valley.

As you may imagine, the people responsible for cultivating our wine in the Southern Willamette Valley aren’t the best at the ol’ website making thing. It’s not meant to be a diss, but most of the websites about Oregon wine are, shall I say, old-fashioned. My favorite part of the OTWT is how interactive it is. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog and you will find the bulletin board.

Bulletin BoardThe bulletin board features links to the wineries featured on the map, an RSS feed on Oregon wine, twitter widgets, the feed to the official uo_oregonwinetrail, and Facebook Like widget.

I don’t know everything about the Southern Willamette wineries, but with the help of others through geotagging when you talk about wine on social media, hash tagging #vinoUO on Instagram and Twitter, this blog can be filled with more information than any other Oregon wine website out there. It’s not MY blog, it’s an education platform.


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