Final Thoughts: Coffee

I really enjoyed researching on coffee as my topic. My topic morphed more into coffee shop culture than coffee itself. I was able to experience the culture of local coffee shops and different ways to drink coffee. I initially went into this topic not knowing anything about coffee. I soon found that there are a variety of ways to prepare coffee. One thing I really enjoyed was speaking with the baristas in charge of that special cup of coffee. They start the day off for most people and that’s something really unique.

The baristas I interviewed had great insight to their work. You could feel the passion they had when you spoke with them and the love they have for coffee. My favorite part of this project was going in to see the different cultures of each coffee shop. There are many gems in Eugene and some that I have not ventured to. I learned that the determinant in the best cup of coffee isn’t just the coffee, but everything including the person making it for you, the over all environment, the music and the people around you that make your experience one to come back to. The coffee shops that I did visit blew my mind because each one really had something unique about them and within each coffee shop is a story of passion.

I chose coffee as my topic because I have always been very attractive to the hype of coffee shop culture. For me and especially when I work, I go to get my work done in a very specific coffee shop. I am always inspired and enjoy my time at a table with a latte. I feel accomplished and stress free. Others next to me are alone too and are diligently working. I get stuff done there. I am active and proactive. That’s why I chose coffee. People are purposeful when they drink a cup of coffee or when they go study in a coffee shop.

I used several media outlets including Pinterest, video editing using Final Cut Pro X, audio-video slide show, Twitter, Wix the portfolio builder and Storify this term. It was my first time using Storify and I found it very helpful in organizing my media findings on several platforms. I am not a strong tweeter and it’s apparent in how many times I tweeted throughout the term. I couldn’t find the right consistency of being remindful on Twitter to my followers and plain annoying. This is something I need to work on. My Pinterest board on Coffee Shop Inspiration was extremely fun because I explored coffee shops from all over the world. I wish I could make a pin board of everything in my life.

In the video I produced, I wish I recorded Sky speaking. I think it would have brought my video together more eloquently. It probably would have made the video more personable too, with all the things he had to say about his work. Due to limited space around us at the time, I wasn’t able to set up a tripod to record him. Also, I found it difficult to capture video with out the tripod because the motion wasn’t as fluid. I enjoyed the audio slide show on The Wandering Goat because I think it’s a little easier to plan your photos in a more detail manner.

I am found with the way The Eugene Coffee Shop website came out. I used Wix portfolio builder, which was easy to get the hang of. I looked up quite a few local coffee shops in Eugene and linked either their website or Facebook page to the shops names.

Overall, I really enjoyed this class. I found it helpful to blog once a week because I love to write. I forgot how much I used to write and this class brought it back. I didn’t have a lot of trouble with any of the assignments and found them useful using these digital platforms.


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