J333 Final Words

This is my story, my path in the weeds.

I just stumbled into this class I suppose. I just so happened to be on DuckWeb that Monday morning, looking for anything to take me out of Biology of Genetics. Just so happened that there was a spot open in J333 Writing for Multimedia, a requirement for the Multimedia Minor, the only education I was currently working towards. I literally walked into that classroom later that afternoon not knowing what I was getting myself into. The only thing I knew was I got myself out of Biology.

I walked into that room a Sophomore, ex, Pre-FHS major. I had nothing on my plate besides defeat and an undeclared minor. I had originally expected more people to be in this class but turned out happy that it was small. I felt lost in this class but had a feeling that I was supposed to be there. I wonder about the coincidence of that opening.

It was very apparent to me that I was very much under experienced in comparison to my classmates. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Pretty much everyone in this class knew how to use Final Cut or was working for the Emerald, or had some previous experience in the field of Journalism. And, there I was in my first ever upper division Journalism class. I marched on blind. Hoping that I was capable of walking in line with everyone else. Our very first assignment was a great test. Go out around campus and tweet about events. I love to tweet, I use it as a place to goof off, or promote about Young Life, but I hadn’t had much experience in using my own credibility to get people to join me. That moment was kind of a jumping off point for this whole class. Just go out. Do what you can, with what you have, where you’re at.

The rest of the term floated on by in a surreal blur. I quickly learned what it meant to spend hours getting frustrated with anything. Our first big assignment, the audio slideshow, proved to be a fun and enduring assignment. I loved being able to pick my own topic to research and present in my own fashion. I struggled hard with the Sound Slides software. I wasn’t able, after multiple tries to convert my photos, or open the program. So, that was where I decided to teach myself how to use Final Cut Pro. I was alone in the lab in Allen for hours teaching myself the basics. Luckily, Apple products do seem to be as user friendly as they claim. I am lucky to have a computer and technology savvy background and I’ve always been quick at picking things up which indeed became my biggest accomplice for this terms projects.

Each week I spent part of my time learning a new program along with learning how to get in the field and get the right kind of footage. I know how to get the right kind and amount of photos for an assignment, but film and audio were aspects new to my realm. I certainly had to learn the hard way about how crucial it is to be effective with getting footage in the field. My video project about the Spring Game at Autzen taught me that I really need to listen and plan out what shots I am looking for, before I get to the location and just start filming anything. I followed up my crap footage of the game by adding an interview with a good friend. I ended up liking the end product and was encouraged by what I was able to pull together. In the end, I just need more practice doing assignment such as this one.

I love multimedia as a field. I love the aspects of design. I have a creative and designer eye and passion. I questioned before planning for FHS if Journalism was the right path for me. I didn’t think I was good enough to be a writer and not much interested me. Now at the end of this term, I see myself as a Journalism major with a focus in digital arts by earning my minor in multimedia. The road to coming to this decision has been tedious, and exhausting. I shed too many tears about being lost and confused about what I’m supposed to do. What do I want? What if I cant graduate in two years? Is this my career now? I had an epiphany the other night, I was just thinking, that maybe, I don’t believe in careers. Who says I have to spend my whole life in one field? Right here, and now, I know what I love and what my passions are leading me to. I think Journalism is the right field for me to major in, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll be there forever. And, I’m probably going to take another three years to graduate, just to make sure I’m doing what is right for me, not what everyone else is doing. I tend to get really sappy and inspired by too much but I found a song this term that has really sent me in the right direction and put clarity to my scattered thoughts.

The song “Path in the Weeds” is written and sang by my dear friend Tyson Motsenbocker. This song has taught me that I don’t have to have it together all the time, and that inevitably change is the jumping off point for growth. Maybe I’ll end up graduating in ten years, maybe I’ll be the next girl on the google bus heading to campus. Maybe, I’ll become Vine famous, but  maybe you’ll be seeing me in Allen Hall sometime, working crazily on some project due at midnight, and I hope you stop and ask about my path in the weeds.

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Ask me about Young Life too. I love chatting with people about what gets me most amped!

Thanks to all for a whirlwind learning experience and stellar good times!



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