A Term of First | Reflections on #J333

I have gained a lot of confidence though trying new things over the course of the term. First time in the roll of photographer, narrator, journalist… all things that scared be mainly because I didn’t know how to do them. But after diving in and trying them out, I realized they are less scary and fun than I imagined.

I have also realized that I will be much happier working in the field of marketing, than in the field of journalism. I am a storyteller in the fact that I am much better at giving a retrospective account of what happened than I am at reporting on things as they are happening. It was this aspect that was a challenge for me throughout the term.

The most challenging project of the term was the Urban Farm Recipe Book. I tried several tactics to solicit recipe submissions. First, I went to the urban farm to chat with people about the recipe book, and ask them to send me recipes. However, I realized that I would need to take a more aggressive approach so I developed a Qualtrics survey and set out to get recipe submissions. I posted on twitter, facebook, asked the Urban Farm to post it on their facebook, and also asked the farm director, Harper Keeler, to send it out to the students in the class. Still I had recieved a total of ZERO recipes.

So I took it to the next level and made little business cards with my email and information

Out at the Urban Farm trying to get recipes

Out at the Urban Farm trying to get people to submit recipes.

about what I was doing, went out to the Urban Farm class and handed them out. Then waited….. and still nothing.

Not knowing what to do, I turned to the web. Eventually I found a section on the Urban Farm website that had recipes students submitted. Looking over them I finally felt resolve about how I should approach the project. I’d make some of the recipes from their blog, include some of my own, and find a couple new gems from the web… a tripple thread of baked deliciousness.

Organizing Recipes in Evernote

Organizing Recipes in Evernote

After several nights of flooding my counters with chopped vegggies and attempting to take photos as I worked, I had several great recipes to include in the book. I used Evernote to keep track of all the recipes and the adjustments I made to them. This made it much easier to compile the book when it came time to do so.

After a lot of hard work, I had created an interactive recipe book featuring recipes and vegetables for the Urban Farm! It was a success.

This final project is a great example of how trying new ways of approaching a project, and stretching my limbs creatively caused me to grow a lot over the term. I realized a lot about myself, and my desire to put out work that is perfect. When in reality, it is more interesting and engaging to share bits of the story as it progresses.

Overall, as a business student in a journalism class it was challenging. There were several times I felt uncomfortable and doubted myself. However, it it good to feel uncomfortable at times and I learned a lot by doing so.


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