Looking back at the term…

Well, it is finally over! My last term ever in college has come to a close! So allow me to take a look back at not only this term but this final project.

In a weird turn of events, I ended up having a end-of-college-crisis and, much like a midlife crisis, I sort of freaked out and spent most of my time trying to redefine myself. I will admit, this was a huge set back to the outcome of my projects and work this term.

I realized – not because of this class… in fact, this class was one of the more fun journalism classes I’ve taken in a long time – that my passion no longer lies in journalism but in something that I’ve been working on throughout my college career through my actual job at the UO Cultural Forum, event planning. As I progressed through the term, I had this thought in my brain, and I must admit it did effect my outlook on all my school work. It didn’t help that I got an internship in New York City to do a sort of event planning, because that was all my brain could focus on.

Regardless, I apologize for my shoddy journalistic efforts these last few weeks. I really appreciate my time at the university and especially in this class, my mind just wandered away as I got closer and closer to this day.

Now, onto the project.

Because of all these factors, I did put my project on the back burner, although I also think it was because I lost interest in my topic about halfway through the term. I think if I had chosen the easy way out and picked a topic that I am 100% confident in/passionate about I would’ve had a much easier time working on this project. That being said, it was quite difficult mustering up the energy and emotions to put myself on the frontline of my own project.

I’m okay with talking about my weight, but it is a sensitive issue that is difficult to approach… that was my first red flag. As I was recording my personal struggle, I did get a bit emotional. I didn’t want to make a video because I had a lot of trouble with iMovie before, and I wanted to keep it simple. So using my lovely GarageBand, I decided to do 2 audio posts to round out the multimedia aspect. I would also feel insecure if I didn’t include something written, which was why I wrote an article to break up the two audio posts.

Putting together the audio slideshow was, once again, a little stressful using iMovie but I’m okay with how it was done in the end.

Overall, if I could retake this course and pick a different topic, I’d go with something involving record stores or movies, something I’m much more experienced with and fond of, instead of thrift shops. But c’est la vie, right?

Thank you for a great term, and a good end to a college career. Once again, I apologize for my journalistic shortcomings this term. I bid you all farewell and good luck with everyone’s future!


I exit this school a changed woman!


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