Running through my Writing for Multimedia experience

Upon entering this term I felt confident that this would be the class that I would finally be able to pinpoint what it was in journalism I wanted to pursue. Working in Final Cut Pro and watching the finished product had always brought me satisfaction in the past so I assumed doing something with multimedia would be a part of my future career. I may have been wrong.

As much as I enjoy editing video and audio slideshows I don’t know if I have what it takes to capture the content I need. I have found, and have talked about on this blog before, how I don’t seem to have the creative eye. I got significantly better at thinking of certain angles to film at or B-roll to capture and I know that the more I work with multimedia the better I will get but this class has made me realize that I enjoy reporting more than I thought I did.

The biggest issues I had were not having enough variety to choose from while editing, which could be fixed with creating more detailed shot lists and having a layout of what I want to display. I make general lists of shots I want to take but if I went in with more options I would have more to choose from during the editing process.

I still enjoy doing audio slideshows because getting to put together audio into one single story is fulfilling and exciting to me. I enjoy taking a long clip of audio and piecing it together into a flowing and meaningful story. What I would do better next time is get more variety in shots (obviously), and use a better camera and audio recorder. I did all of my audio slideshow from my phone and, while it looks okay, it could have been cleaner and sharper had I checked out a camera. I would like to continue working on improving my multimedia skills but I don’t know if it will be my main focus.

Along with learning what I may or may not focus on in the future, focusing on the running community got me re-inspired about running. After an injury and not being able to run for a few months I was discouraged by my loss of progress and endurance but following runners working towards goals like marathons and half-marathons I knew that I could get back to it.

This term was very informative to me in at least knowing what I may not be the best at and it was good for me to work on my skills to improve them. I am still trying to work out what I want to do after I graduate and although this class wasn’t what I expected I enjoyed it very much for what I learned.



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